Trading Plan – The Basis of Traders Success!

Those, who use trading plans – you move in the right direction! It is obvious that traders, who plan their trades and the whole work and follow the plan, will succeed in trading.

Those, who trade randomly, do the best to fail. Trading without a trading plan, it is just a play with your money. There is no difference between “trading” in the Crypto, Forex, Stock markets, and playing in a casino. It is gambling!

The difference is the following, mainly people visit casinos to make fun and get emotions. Sure they don’t plan their bets and they don’t have the exact plan of how to beat a casino and make money. They rely on luck and from time to time such an approach can give someone profit. But it is 100% obvious that it is impossible to make a profit in the long run with such an approach. A casino will ALWAYS be in profit and gamblers will ALWAYS fail in the distance.

When we talk about “traders” who try to make a profit in the financial markets using the same approach as gamblers in casinos, I have only one question – WHY do you think that you will succeed in trading? Trading without a plan is the best way how to fail and the majority of traders pick this option. Why? Because they are lazy and want to do nothing for their success? Because they don’t understand what they need in order to succeed in trading? Because they think that they are too smart and they don’t need a trading plan?

You can think about it and get an answer for yourself. Also, it depends on you, what do you need – to fail or to succeed in trading. But don’t be naive believing that you will be able to succeed using a wrong approach.

Trading Plan – The Basis of Traders Success!

Again, I should tell you a very simple thing. If you have enough knowledge and the right experience, you can make profit in different market conditions. I opened this short trade in the crazy bullish market! It gave about 10% of profit for several hours.

I had the exact trading plan with fixed stop.

The majority of you will always lose money, because the majority of you don’t respect the value of knowledge and experinece. The majority of you thinks about how to make tons of money.

It is the fact which is supported by the well known numbers, that 90% of traders fail and just few % of traders are profitable. The majority fails not because trading is so complicated, but because the majority wants to do nothing for their success and use the wrong approach in trading!

You will always blow up your accounts and it doesn’t matter the quality of trading signals or tools you use. You will always fail because of wrong approach. You will fail because of your focus on wrong things. You need trading signas and it is wrong mistake from your side.

You must send me tons of messages, please share your experience, help me to become a better trader and etc… but I get tons of messages like “I need your premium signals!”

Knowledge = Superpower!
Tools are just tools.
They are effective in the right hands and absolutely useless in other hands.

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