Digitex Futures Exchange – it was a good experience

Several weeks ago, the team of Digitex Futures Exchange contacted me and asked to make my personal review as a crypto trader on their project and trading platform. As I like to take part in such a type of work, I decided to test their trading platform and terms before the release date.

I should say, it was a good experience. You know my positions concerning short term and scalping trading in the crypto markets. I was absolutely against such type of speed trading. The main reason was that the crypto exchanges provided poor quality trading platforms for traders. Slippage, delays orders execution, and a poor list of order types were against the main requirements for such trading styles as well.

I had the opportunity to test a new platform, and probably it is time to change my position.

Digitex Futures Exchange presents itself as the only exchange where the trading interface and business model are oriented on comfortable scalping and short term trading. They offer zero commissions on all trades, and such trading terms perfectly match such types of trading. Single click trading also added value to their platform. If you are a scalper, you must understand how important it is to have the opportunity fast enter and fast exit from the market as such an option allows you to realize it.

I think I can add other details about this platform and trading terms. But what for? It will be much more interesting to test their platform in real or demo trading when it is released. So, let’s wait when they become available for everyone.

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